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Situar a los agricultores en el centro de la sociedad

Situar a los agricultores en el centro de la sociedad


When we think of supply chains, we tend to think of large operations. However, smallholder farms still grow much of our world’s food today.

For example, 40% of Indonesia’s palm oil is produced by small-scale farmers. Though they are often the forgotten face of supply chains, efforts to maintain food security and ecosystem services are inextricably linked to these farms.

Rurality leverages the power of local and global supply chains by engaging with suppliers, producers and brands to drive change and transformation that creates value for all, particularly for farmers. We see smallholders as entrepreneurs who sometimes lack the tools to realise their vision. So, we take a business-minded approach to working with them to develop their skills, their connections and their resilience; improving their livelihoods in the process. Rurality doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, instead we work with farmers in the field to understand their needs and develop solutions that suit them.


Since 2015, we have engaged over 4,000 smallholders across 11 countries.
350 of those farmers have started diversifying their farming activities.
We work with over 125 partners, protecting more than 20,000 hectares of forest and impacting over 35,000 farmers.

Our solution

Rurality drives change by enhancing farmers’ resilience, empowering them while respecting the environment and reinforcing their relationship with factories and traders along the supply chain. We work on the ground to understand farmers’ challenges. We build trust and partnerships to create innovative and scalable solutions together. We act as a bridge for farmers, connecting them to peers and stakeholders, empowering farmers to define their own journey.


Rurality, Peranap, Indonesia

Rurality is working alongside Reckitt Benckiser to support smallholders in Peranap.

Rurality, Takoradi, Ghana

Rurality is forging resilience among oil palm smallholders in Ghana’s Western Region.

Rurality, Soubré, Ivory Coast

Rurality is working with Nestlé and other stakeholders to transform smallholders' lives in Soubré.

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