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Post-membership: Musim Mas and TFT collaborate on sustainable palm oil landscape
Post-membership: Musim Mas and TFT collaborate on sustainable palm oil landscape
News 17 sept. 2015

As of January 2019, The Forest Trust has become Earthworm Foundation.

17 September 2015, Thursday – Musim Mas and The Forest Trust (TFT) announce today that they will work together on sustainable palm oil at a landscape level, focused on the Leuser Ecosystem but also collaborate in other landscapes. The joint work programme in the Leuser region will include capacity building, training workshops and supply chain linkages to support the implementation of the Musim Mas Sustainability Policy. The proposed work programme will be a contractual arrangement and not as a TFT Member. The programme will last for 12 months, with a view towards ongoing engagement.

On the proposed partnership, Petra Meekers, Musim Mas’ Director of CSR and Sustainable Development said, “We respect TFT’s expertise in traceability and the pioneering work on the High Carbon Stock (HCS) Approach which can complement our efforts in establishing traceability for our supply chain. We have achieved 100% traceability to mill and are able to provide our customers on requests a precise traceability to mill on ship by ship basis. We also share TFT’s values in fostering businesses that optimise the harmony between people and nature.”

Hilary Thompson, TFT Director said, “TFT recognises the achievement of Musim Mas in the realm of traceability and welcomes the opportunity to work with Musim Mas in tackling the challenges posed by the highly sensitive Leuser Ecosystem region. Together with other companies whose supply chains involve Leuser too, and civil society, we will work to uncover the issues and find solutions that will deliver on Musim Mas’ Sustainability Policy commitments.”

Both TFT and Musim Mas recognise that businesses have to work together with other palm oil companies, governments and civil society to achieve a transformational breakthrough. Moreover, Musim Mas views with urgency, the importance of having the industry work together in tackling issues that are beyond the scope of a single company. The joint work programme will continue the current work on building sustainable palm oil supply chains.

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