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Member since junio 2017

Estadísticas clave

Givaudan’s participation in the APT landscapes project is helping to protect Indonesia’s Leuser ecosystem and has helped reach a forest protection and No Exploitation agreement between Earthworm Foundation and the Mopoli Raya group. This will lead to the conservation of 35,000 hectares of forest and directly impact 3000 employees.
Engagement with Givaudan’s onion supplier in china after our field assessment in 2019 has led to improved conditions for farmers. Workers now have drinking water provided, and better health and safety practices on Personal Protective Equipment and other topics are being implemented. The supplier has now committed to regular field verification of their farmer suppliers to make sure the supplier’s newly created social policies are implemented.
Givaudan’s participation in the APT programme in Aceh Tamiang is bringing resilience to communities and has led to Participatory Conservation Plans (PCPs) being completed in four forest-frontier villages and intensive agricultural ‘demplot’ trainings reaching 205 households across three villages.

Noticias e historias

29 ene. 2020

Engaging businesses, NGOs, government and communities to preserve forests

26 oct. 2017

Givaudan becomes a TFT member